privacy policy

1. Services and Products
1.1.1. We are committed to providing an excellent level of cleaning. However, it is not our responsibility if any stains or dirt cannot be removed with the cleaning materials used in the car.
1.1.2. Before providing our service, all personal belongings of the customer must be removed from the vehicle, for example, cash, mobile phones, jewelry, etc
1.1.3. The car must be able to withstand the usual cleaning process, and the service will be carried out at the customer’s own responsibility, which is included, for example, but not limited to new paintwork, or if any part of the car is not fixed firmly.

1.1.4. If there is any defect or any harmful content in the customer's car and our employees suffer injury or death, the customer will be responsible for that.
1.1.5. If the customer fails to observe the warnings contained in this document, we are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting therefrom.
1.1.6. Any defects in the car, such as paint, must be indicated in advance, because old or non-original paint can be damaged during the cleaning process
1.1.7. JETC reserves the right not to provide any service in the event of an operational deficiency, suspected fraud or other reasons attributable solely to JETC at its sole discretion
1.1.8. JETC reserves the right to reject the customer's order if it is more than what he has already booked
1.1.9. Customers must remove and reinstall child seats and booster seats, and the seats will not be installed by jetc under any circumstances, and we will not be responsible for them
1.1.10. The customer needs to have an extra key for the car because we will not be responsible if there is any damage resulting from not having an extra key
1.1.11. Relevant actions will be taken against the customer if he uses any kind of verbal or physical abuse against our employees in relation to the service provided.
1.1.12. JETC will not be liable for any liability arising from any damage or loss of any personal property including the vehicle being washed or any property within the vehicle or service location and the customer will be responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is washed in a legal and safe area. If you feel otherwise please let us know beforehand. Provide the service
1.1.13. JETC will not be responsible for third party products including but not limited to air fresheners and customers must accept them at their own risk if there is any damage.


2. Payment, reservation and cancellation

1.1.1. If contact details such as address, vehicle information and status verification are missing, the company reserves the right not to provide services in such cases.
1.1.2. The customer needs to clarify all the defects, damages or weaknesses that he knows or suspects before the cleaning process
1.1.3. JETC accepts refunds if notice is given 6 hours prior to the appointment and if the customer fails to give notice within that time period 100% of the service fee must be paid.
1.1.4. JETC will not reschedule the service if the reservation is canceled less than 6 hours from the appointment, and no refunds will be made after JETC accepts the customer's reservation.
1.1.5. The customer must take the service at his own risk if the car is older than three years because it has weaker plastic materials.
1.1.6. JETC reserves the right to reschedule the service depending on the number of employees, weather conditions, machinery availability, equipment failure or any other technical faults.
1.1.7. The company cannot guarantee that customers will get an appointment at the required time, and they must bear in mind that cancellation may occur at any time, at the sole discretion of the company, and the company reserves the right to reschedule the time or date of the appointment without any penalty.
1.1.8. In the event that the customer does not answer the call within 15 minutes of the worker’s arrival, the company has the right to cancel the appointment without returning the amount to the customer’s wallet.

3. Customer information

JETC will ask for your permission to hold your debit or credit card details to secure a regular booking
If the car is not available during the appointment and the appointment is not canceled in advance, JETC reserves the right to charge the debit or credit card with the full amount
JETC appreciates the customer's trust in relation to their personal information, and therefore the company aims to use it only for acceptable commercial means to protect it. However, customers must bear in mind that the method of transmission via the Internet or electronic storage is not completely secure and reliable, so the company cannot guarantee its security


4. Communication

1.1.1. JETC may send customer messages via text messages or whatsapp to check service request, status, information and other marketing communications
1.1.2. JETC will contact the business directly in order to set a service appointment or conduct a survey about customer satisfaction. In the event of cancellation of the appointment, the company will contact the customer directly to find out the reason for the cancellation.